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The Wholesale Formula Webinar

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The wholesale Formula Webinar

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Who are Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors?


Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors are eCommerce entrepreneurs and Amazon wholesalers, they are both from one of the poorest parts of the country – Southeastern Kentucky. They have helped thousands of students who made many success stories and built their own businesses.

>>> Read their REAL STORY turning from a $600 capital investment to $36 million in sales, a million in profit business OVER THE YEARS!

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What is The Wholesale Formula?

The wholesale formula (TWF) is a training course that teaches you how to build a profitable and sustainable eCommerce business with Amazon FBA using the wholesale model; “Reverse Sourcing Wholesale”. DON’T worry if you don’t know what it is, we will explain it in a minute

But for now;


>>> You will BUY from brands and SELL on Amazon <<<

That’s it!


So, If it is that simple, everyone would be doing it, right?

Yeah, I know that’s what you’re thinking. The reason our system works is because it’s not easy for just anyone to do it. To get a brand to agree to sell you their product directly, you have to be good at it. That’s what we teach in The Wholesale Formula – how to build relationships and provide value to brands so that they agree to let you sell their products and give you a good price on those products so you can make more money!


DAN and DYLAN will take you through the entire process, step-by-step, starting with “SCOUT” to find the winning products, going to “SOURCE” where you will directly contact the brand owners, ending with “SELL / SCALE” time to gain and maximize your profit.

Since 2015, Dan and Dylan using the wholesale formula have taught more than 6587 students with over $1 billion in sales on Amazon using their unique  “Reverse Sourcing Wholesale technique.

The Three S’s To SUCCESS On AMAZONThree_S

Real People … Real Results


What Is The Reverse Sourcing Wholesale? And How Is It Different From The Traditional Wholesale Model?

There is a wholesaler (distributor) between the seller and the brand owner (manufacturer).

Here you will bypass the middleman (wholesaler) and get products directly from the brand owner (manufacturer).

“The same model used by Amazon, Costco, and Walmart.”

How Can You Get The Most Out Of “The Wholesale Formula” Training?

It’s a must to actively engage with the course materials and implement what you learn. This may include watching the video lessons, completing the accompanying worksheets and exercises, and participating in the private Facebook community for support and networking.

It’s also important to be open to new ideas and approaches, as the course may challenge your current beliefs and practices. By staying committed and taking consistent action, you can maximize the value of the course and apply the knowledge and strategies to your own business.

Additionally, staying in touch with Dan and Dylan and asking for help and support when needed can also help you get the most out of the course. They are dedicated to helping their students succeed and are available to provide guidance and support along the way.

Is This Program Open Forever?

No, It opens once per year, however, it’s open now for enrollment and will be closed on Thursday, 29 February 2024 at 11:59 PM.

REMEMBER: You will not be able to buy The Wholesale Formula until 2025 at least (and the price is said to increase next time!)

Enroll Now Before Closing.. HURRY UP!


What Is Inside The Wholesale Formula?

  • You Will Get Access To 6 Modules With in-depth Training Videos, Webinars, Spreadsheets, Email Templates, Cheatsheets, Calculators, and checklists.
  • The first 2 modules are available upon enrollment and the rest are released one module at a time over 6 weeks, so everyone is progressing and learning together.

The authors found this format to be ideal as it prevents students from feeling overwhelmed.

Module 1: Getting Started

This is the introduction module of the course, where you will have a solid foundation for the course layout and have Your “Green Light Knowledge Check. Then you will learn:

  • The Wholesale Business Model and how the whole process can be achieved.
  • How To Set Up An Amazon FBA Account.
  • Starting Your Business Instructions.
  • Resources:
    • Course Resources (PDF).
    • Wholesale Vocabulary List (PDF)
    • Getting Started Checklist (PDF)

Module 2: Product Analysis

In this module, you will learn how to analyze Amazon products and find the potential winning ones.

You will also learn but are not limited to…

  • Competition Analysis.
  • Sales Rank Analysis.
  • Profit Margin Expectations.
  • Importance Of The “Buy Box”.
  • ATTENTION: A Real “Live Product analysis” Video.

Module 3: Scouting

In this module, you will learn the “TWF Scouting and Sourcing” system. 

You will master the following strategies and techniques:

  • Black Box Scouting.
  • Leaf Sourcing.
  • Amazon Filtering.
  • Super Targeting. (A detailed technique to find tons of potential winning products fast!)
  • ATTENTION: A Powerful “live Scouting” video.
  • Resources:
    • TWF Scouting & Sourcing System Workbook Template (Excel Sheet)

Module 4: Value Propositions

In this module, you will learn all about how to be valuable to brand owners!

So, Dan and Dylan will teach how you can add value to brands to raise your chances of making profitable deals with them; that makes them interested to work with you! 

Additionally, You will learn some topics, such as…

  • 27 Value Proposition Examples.
  • Creating Your Website.
  • Creating a Website LIVE.
  • Value Prop Website Structure.
  • Listing Optimizations.
  • Better Your Product.
  • Brand Registry.
  • Identifying Unauthorized Sellers.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Resources:
    • Discount Codes / Services We Use (PDF)

Module 5: Sourcing


You will learn how exactly Dan and Dylan are contacting brand owners (manufacturers), negotiating the best price for maximizing your profit, and how to open wholesale accounts.

What procedures make them get into operation?

They are providing templates for each situation while contacting brands to make sure you are not missing a deal!

Plus other professional topics…

  • Approval Rate Expectations.
  • RPS Call System.
  • Mock Orders and Projections.
  • Brand Gating and Authorizations.
  • Writing Awesome Emails.
  • Wholesale Adventure Game.
  • Brand Health Report
  • ATTENTION: Presenting to a Brand Owner via Video Conference.
  • Resources:
    • TWF Templates & Documents (PDF)
    • Desired ASP Calculator (Excel Sheet)
    • FBA Prep Centers (PDF)

Module 6: Operating (New Module in 2023 edition)

In the final Module, you will need to know how you can grow and scale up your business.

So, you have to study some valuable topics, such as…

  • Placing Wholesale Orders.
  • Cataloging
  • Inventory Management Software & Workflow.
  • TWF Business Workflow.
  • Resources
  • TWF Product Catalog Template (Excel Sheet)
  • TWF Product Catalog Template (Google Sheets)

 Q&A Webinar Recordings

  • Here you will find more than 12 hours of webinar recordings where Dan, Dylan, and other TWF community members were exchanging experiences, answering needed questions, and more.

The Wholesale Formula Bonuses 2023

Once you enroll in the TWF training course, you will get:

TWF Bonus #1: TWF Coaching Support


  • We want you to get off on your right foot, so we’re including free support from our amazing TWF Coaches for your first 60 days as a new student of The Wholesale Formula.
  • You will have access to an online forum where you can ask our TWF Coach Experts any questions, and even have the opportunity to attend live, 1-hour Q&A video sessions with them.
  • Each Coach is a 6-and-7 figure Amazon seller using The Wholesale Formula in their own business.

TWF Bonus #2: Listing Optimization Formula


  • Master the craft of optimizing Amazon product listings to help brands find more customers, sell more units, and better represent themselves online…
  • You’ll learn the secret you can use to optimize on any listing to 10x your sales, with step-by-step system to perform each.
  • Once you’re done, you’ll know how to optimize any listing and provide MASSIVE value to any brand owner.

TWF Bonus #3: The Business Owners Playbook


  • In this mini-course playbook you will discover skills you need as a business owner to be good at, such as 
    • Negotiation skills.
    • Business administration.
    • Hiring employees.
    • And more.

TWF Bonus #4: Resource Vault


  • In this section, Dan and Dylan are covering some topics which may not be needed for each student or business. You or your business may or may not need such topics, that’s why they made it as an additional module.

You will learn:

  • How Amazon works.
  • What is Amazon’s Seller Central?
  • How to open an LLC?
  • How To Set Up A Business. 
  • Using G-Suite.
  • And more.

TWF Bonus #5: TWF Alumni private Facebook Group


  • This is the TWF Alumni private Facebook group where all of the TWF students, coaches, and authors are communicating, and brainstorming ideas.
  • Here you can find support by asking your mentors, colleagues, and coaches.

TWF Bonus #6: TWF Exclusive Software & Services Discounts

  • As TWF student, you will get a special discount for services that help you grow your business faster, such as 
  • Restock Pro.
  • Tactical Arbitrage.

TWF Bonus#7: Lifetime Update. You Don’t Have To Buy Again

  • Once you enroll, you will have a Lifetime access to their program, This means that you don’t have to buy the course each year to access their future updated content and methodologies.
  • All of those future updates to their program are FREE with NO additional cost!

How Much Does The Wholesale Formula Cost?

 The Wholesale Formula Enrollment Fee


Since the first launch of The Wholesale Formula in 2015, the price of the program has only increased and will continue to do so with future launches. So, in your marketing, you may stress that the price of The Wholesale Formula is guaranteed to increase in the future


We provide these primary payment options for enrolling in The Wholesale Formula:




Dan and Dylan are protecting you with a NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED 30-day money-back guarantee. You have absolutely no risks. I only want you focused on success!

Here it is in their own words: 

We are proud to offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee to pay-in-full customers only.

A paid-in-full client who would like a refund should simply email our team at support[@]thewholesaleformula.[com] within 30 days of purchase. Our refund policy is customer friendly and has no other conditions or stipulations. Our team will process the refund and the customer will see the funds in their account within 5-7 business days.